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Clicking the "Large" circle icon will reflect the "large" salad price.  Clicking the Spinach image will begin building the salad.  The corresponding cart tabulations begin.  (At any time, small or large can be selected & all of the corresponding ingredients will recalculate - both price & nutritional value - real-time, including pickup & delivery times, if available).
The Spinach through Avocado ingredients are selected & the salad will be created along with cart price and food value tabulations. Removing an item will correctly recalculate both cost & food value.

Clicking on the “Read More” link next to the tuna will display details about the individual product/ingredient in LiteBox format.



Note also, the multilingual capabilities - both for the consumer & even the restaurant kitchen.

Content Management:
The Salad Order:
Table of Contents:
2.  Delivery & Pickup Options:

Delivery & Pickup Options:

4.  Content Management:
3.  Order Confirmation:

Order Confirmation:

Note the specialty salads along the left side of the screen. A single click will add all ingredients into our salad bowl. For this example, we will “start from scratch”.  Package deals, gift baskets, even daily specials (triggered to display for preset days).  Offering specials to “liquidate” excessive inventories is a great way to make additional income as well as save on food waste.


As the ingredients are selected for the salad the real time nutritional value is calculated and displayed.  If the consumer has been entering other meals into this system, daily, weekly, monthly nutritional tabulations are available. (ordering is optional).  Personal limits can be set to alert that individual as to when certain food value tabulations have been exceeded. (for example,  salt or sugar weekly intake).

2. The consumer will also receive an email (or text) showing the complete order details with prices and delivery or pick up details. If curbside, the consumer can select a quote over arrived” button to indicate arrival at the curbside.  The consumer will also have a chance to call back the restaurant if any information is incorrect. 

3. A managers email is also generated w/ an option to show all details & a daily, weekly, monthly online sales report, for assigned profit centers.  (detailed Profit Analysis is available, including minimum reorder inventory levels).
This is the screen confirmation to the consumer. Three other emails will be generated:

1. The complete order with either delivery or curbside pick up instructions will be sent to the kitchen and printed clearly on an HP e-print printer.
The “Control Center“ (content management) can easily be reached by the authorized admin assigned by the restaurant manager. Daily, weekly and monthly sales and tax are tabulated. (More detailed breakdown of profit centers is available).  Also note the open and close pick up & delivery times for each day of the week. This can be changed by the restaurant as needed.
According to the restaurant's delivery team's availability, zip codes can be added or subtracted according to that day's delivery perimeter. Also note, pickup and delivery lead times, email address of the kitchen printer and the restaurant's ability to enable (or disable) pickup and/or delivery for the entire online ordering system. A super-admin override can also enable/disable online ordering for remote demo purposes.
The custom menus are listed so the restaurant can create particular brunch, lunch, dinner menus etc... It is important to note that our eMenu system produces real, searchable words for important SEO  (Search Engine Optimization)  for increased rankings for search engines.  Note, that master "specials" menus can be created & only those items "on special" can be activated.  Time-triggered specials are available. (for example menu items marked "Tuesday", will be displayed on the website menu on Tuesday).  This can help reduce food waste & increase profits.
For each salad ingredient,  we see 4 possible price levels (salad uses small  as well as fiber, added sugar, calories, carbs, proteins, sugar, salt, saturated fat, unsaturated fat and fat total.   Each ingredient can also have an image associated with it for display when ordering.


  A delivery time of 3 PM is selected (later times can be selected up to closing time).

The consumer is presented with both pick up and delivery options.

The consumer can now decide on scheduling the food order by choosing a pick up or delivery time.
Detailed pick up and delivery info is requested. If curbside pick up as requested vehicle information can be entered for easy id upon arrival. All Info can be stored for easy future recall.

Future Enhancements:

Our example shows building a meal from the ground up.  The real power of  eNutrition is first creating and then choosing ready-made meals (with all nutritional values pre-assigned) A customer/consumer would then be able to modify/fine-tune single ingredients to meet their dietary needs.

1. A central database could easily be utilized (for a school or family) so that all participants could easily add meals with corresponding nutritional value to the database for use by other participants.

2.  A “What if” option.  Before a customer actually orders or consumes the meal,  proposed tabulations(daily, weekly, monthly) can be previewed so that healthy decisions and/or substitutions can be made)

3.  Another feature would be the ability to create limits for each of the nutritional values for health reasons in order to monitor the more serious nutritional elements such as salt and sugar. This feature could be quite helpful for diabetics and heart patients. Graphical images are planned, (especially for children) such as barrels being filled.  “Redline” limits(daily, weekly, monthly) can be easily created,  so that proposed meals can modified appropriately.

4. Another feature that has been tested that will be released shortly for Food Ordering Online, is the “Save Your Favorite Order” feature.  This would especially be useful for families and individuals alike to create repeat orders/consumption and be able to further modified ingredients.

  1.  The Salad Order:
for more info, see:    www.foonow.com/nutrition.php
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